"I was lucky enough to have Angela's support over the past months. Through the Consciousness Coaching program, Angela has taught me to turn inward to find happiness, peace and look for answers. She gently yet effectively supported and guided me, helping me achieve my goals, trust my intuition, boost my confidence and be more authentic. Angela is a wonderful listener, super passionate about what she does and provides a beautiful and safe space. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone wanting to change their mindset and learn how to become own inner coach."


"Angela has truly helped me get out of the “rut” I was in - with just being comfortable but knowing there was more to life!

I was a bit hesitant to book a consciousness coaching session and sat on the idea for a while. But I am so grateful I did, and have been back again, and will continue to reward myself in visiting Angela.

She genuinely wants you to live your greatest life, and what greater gift is there than that.

If you’re in doubt, do yourself the favour in reaching your full potential with her."


"Angela has a beautiful warming presence which provides a safe space to talk about all the things you are struggling with. Over the past few months Angela has helped me to completely change my life and manifest everything I desire into my life. I cannot recommend Angela enough!"


"Can’t explain how amazing this girl is at what she does, helping me on my journey to healing and finding self-love through the soul is truly empowering and uplifting 🙌🏼✨"