Intuitive Manifestation Coach 

1:1 private sessions

Awakening, Intuition & Flow

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to my sacred soul space, I am so honoured to have you here with me.


This is a place where you will learn how to AWAKEN your authentic self, and CONSCIOUSLY create a life that ALIGNS with your SOUL’ PURPOSE.

Discovering both inner and outer fulfillment. 

When you discover who you really are beyond the human self, you see that you are an INFINAITE BEING with a heart full of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to share.

I have been on a soul seeking journey for 

over 25 years, and what I have learnt so far is that everyones journey is divinely sacred.

I have found that this work is about daily embodiment,  peeling back the layers of fear,

so you discover and REMEMBER who you really are.


My Soul Specialities that I am sublimely passionate about are all things;


  • Spiritual Awakening and getting to know yourself on a deeper level.

  • Deepening your connection to the intuitive voice within.

  • Removing the blocks of fear which may be holding your back from living your best life


  • Consciously creating from a space of FLOW, calling in sacred experiences with ease and GRACE.

  • Manifesting naturally from your authentic self. Honouring your intuitive purpose and taking small steps to expand your AWARENESS, and CONSCIOULSY create in a space of JOY and FLOW.



So beautiful soul, if you would like to work 1:1 with me please apply below by filling in the questionnaire.

I can only work with a limited amount of people one on one, so I have created an application process to make sure we are a good fit together.


I always say to start, its best to just try one session with me first to see if my work aligns with you, and then if you want to continue to work with me, we can organise a sacred number of sessions for you over a special time frame to work together. 

So if after our first session together you wish to continue to work with me I can customise a package for you that is right for you.

My soul Sessions are currently in person from my soul space in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia. 


I also offer reiki healings at the end of sessions if you wish to combine the benefits of both inner and outer healing.

Every session is DIVINELY customised for your awakening journey.

Every session is divinely guided and unique in its own way.

I use a combination of soul empowerment coaching, spiritual mentoring, holistic mindset tools sometimes in the form of worksheets, oracle cards, crystals, essential oils and intuitive guidance throughout the session.

My intention behind every session is to guide you to awaken your own healer within, where you find the answers you seek have been within you all along.

After working with so many clients on my journey, I have seen that the ones who get lasting results are the souls who put in the work in between sessions and continue to embody and practise these teachings on there souls journey. I have found from my own experience there is no quick fix, or step guide that can heal you straight away, however I have found that as you do the inner work you begin to see that who you really are is WHOLE already, and that life is about returning to SOURCE energy and living from there in each moment. 

Its easy to slip in and out of states as we live in the world of polarities of fear and LOVE. However as we begin to lovingly welcome both shadow and light, we awaken the unity of WHOLENESS and see how everything is serving us on a deeper level,

so we can remember who we are and live from our authentic self.

Clients have found that as they awaken there authentic self they experience more JOY, PASSION, PURPOSE,PRESENCE, CONNECTION, UNITY, COMPASSION, ABUNDANCE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and you begin to see the miracles that are all around you in each moment.

"As your inner world shifts, your outer world will then mirror your new AWAKENED inner world." 



Reiki Healing 

I also offer reiki healings at the end of each session.

Usually clients choose to have 1 hour of coaching and 30 minutes of energy healing at the end of a session.

Each healing is very unique in its own way. I use sound healing bowls, sound healing music, essential oils, hands on and off healing,

and am intuitively guided throughout the session by universal energy. I often receive intuitive msgs and symbols which I share with you after the session if you would like to know more.  

After healings clients have said they feel deeply connected, in flow and a sense of lightness around them. 



Soul investment 

First sacred Soul Session

In your first session we will get Divinely clear on what you are wanting to achieve while working with me moving forward. This session is a sacred space where you set your intention for conscious creation and begin to AWAKEN the magic within you already.

You will be given holistic tools and practises for you to embody and anchor into your authentic self. 

You also have the option to add a 30 minute reiki healing at the end of your session.


1.5-2 HOURS 




If my work aligns with you and you would like to continue to work with me, I can help customise a session schedule for you so you can have regular sessions until you feel you no longer need them.

All healing and energy work is very sacred and special so you may find you see a variety of people on your healing journey and thats okay. Its important to honour your intuitive pull and work with whoever feels aligned with you. 


1.5 HOURS 




Please note; At the moment all my soul sessions are in person from my soul Space in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.

I am planning on relocating within the next 12 months which means in the near future I will be able to offer online sessions.

However at the moment, sessions are in person.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Covid Health & Safety Precautions

I place the health and safety of the community and my clients first always. Therefore I have prepared and implemented a COVIDSafe Plan

within the guidelines and guidance set forth by the Australian Government, and World Health Organisation.

In addition to the high standards of hygiene already practiced in my soul space, I have implemented additional sanitisation and social distancing measures to protect the health and safety of my clients during this time of COVID-19.​


  • My Client COVIDSafe Commitment to you is to keep you safe, by implanting the following steps below ;

  • Ensure hand sanitiser is provided for all clients.

  • Being vigilant with hygiene standards ensuring all surfaces, floors, reiki table (equipment) and products are cleaned with a high-grade disinfectant regularly during the day and between clients/ sessions.

  • Ensuring all towels are newly laundered and fresh between each client.

  • Ensuring social distancing requirements and limiting the number of people in the space.

  • Clients can request for me to wear a mask and/or gloves during their sessions.

  • Masks are worn where 1.5 metre distance can't be achieved.

  • Clients can request a mask and/or gloves for themselves.

  • Requesting that unwell clients, reschedule their treatment for a later date.

  • Taking the contact details of clients visiting my space as per government requirements.

  • Limiting the number of people in my space, and adhering to social distancing rules of 1.5m.

  • If you have any requests before booking your session please reach out, also if you are unwell, please reschedule your appointment and get tested if required.

  • Thank you, I look forward to connecting with you soon.