Online Soul Sessions 

Awakening, Intuition & Conscious Creation.

Hello and welcome to my sacred soul space, I am so honoured to have you here with me.


This is a place where you will learn how to AWAKEN your authentic self, and CONSCIOUSLY create a life that ALIGNS with your SOUL’ PURPOSE.

Discovering both inner and outer fulfillment. 

When you discover and AWAKEN your HIGHER SELF, you see that you are an INFINITE BEING with a heart full of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to share.

I have been on a soul seeking journey for 

over 25 years, and what I have learnt so far is that everyones journey is divinely sacred.

I have found that this work is about daily embodiment,  peeling back the layers of fear,

so you discover and REMEMBER who you really are.



    My Soul Specialities are;


  • Spiritual Awakening and getting to know yourself on a deeper level.

  • Self love and acceptance.

  • Mastering a conscious growth mindset.

  • Deepening your connection to your intuition.

  • Removing the blocks of fear which may be holding you back through the art of self awareness.

  • Conscious relationships where you expand and grow through the relationship.

  • Finding your soulmate by becoming the ONE.

  • Consciously creating from a space of FLOW, calling in sacred experiences with ease and GRACE. 

  • Manifesting naturally from your authentic self. Honouring your intuitive flow, taking small steps to expand your AWARENESS, and CONSCIOUSLY create in a space of JOY and FLOW.



Every session is DIVINELY customised for your awakening journey.

What to expect in a session with me

My sessions are very holistic in approach.

I use a combination of spiritual teachings, holistic life coaching, Intuitive card Readings, alongside giving you real life tools & practises to embody a new way of life. These teaching's LIGHT YOU UP INSIDE to feel EMPOWERED, CONNECTED, and ALIGNED with your HIGHER SELF, ready to take on the world at a whole other level! AWAKE, AWARE & CONSCIOUS of your own inner guide within you.

 I am a certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH ™ and REIKI PRACTITIONER, along side over 25 years personal inner work that has helped me to embody the work so that I can hold the space for you to have your own divine transformation.


I guide you to awaken your own inner light so you can learn how to MANIFEST FROM SOUL, aligning your mind body and soul to your higher self.

All sessions are intuitively guided.

Sometimes I use worksheets, oracle cards, essential oils, meditation and other holistic tools to support you on your AWAKENING journey.

However the main aim of my coaching is to help you discover and awaken your own inner guide, coach and healer so you can continue to embody this work for the rest of your life.

Healing and Awakening isn't about perfection or an end result, its about embodying the work daily in each moment, focusing on your growth and expansion along the way.

Its taking everything you have learnt behind the scenes and practising it in real life, what I like to call 'Life school.'

As you continue to practise, integrate and embody this work, things start to really shift and you see you had the answers within you all along.

So it is important to apply the work  in -between sessions too.

The clients who have the biggest transformations are the ones who prioritise there healing journey as number one, throughout and after the sessions.

The good news,  once your start embodying this work, you will want to practise it daily because you feel SO GOOD doing it!

I must admit, I was the laziest person ever, but now I am obsessed with this work and embody it daily, because I feel like I have discovered the key to the universe and personal growth is my new healthy obsession.

So if you are feeling stuck in any area of your life and are wanting TRANSFORM and MANIFEST a new empowered life moving forward, I cant wait to connect and guide you on your soul journey.

Giving back to yourself is the most rewarding thing you can do. As you AWAKEN your own divinity, you begin to make sense of why your here, and that its your birthright to live a life full of ABUNDANCE, BLISS, LOVE AND PASSION and  its been within you all along.

The first session we will go through what you are wanting to achieve most while working with me, setting your intention and soul goals moving forward if you wish to continue to work with me. 

These sessions are very sacred, supported and held with love and compassion.

I hold a safe space for you to heal, feel and consciously create a conscious mindset, that makes you feel ALIGNED AND UNSTOPPABLE.

I also share helpful resources and exercises for you to embody in between sessions, as this is an important component to transforming your life.

"As your inner world shifts, your outer world will then mirror your new AWAKENED inner world." 

Who is my coaching for?

  • Woman who are super passionate about all things Self development, Mindset, Spiritual Awakening, Conscious creation and Manifesting from soul.

  • If you are ready to level up, transform and evolve a new way of life moving forward.

  • If you are ready to take your power back and consciously create a life aligned with your higher self.

  • If you ready to commit to embodying the work in-between sessions, and prioritise your sessions throughout our time together.

  • You are spiritually curious and opened minded to a new way of life.

  • You are ready to commit to a growth mindset.

  • You are open minded to holistic teachings.

  • You are ready to discover your worth, awakening a new level of CONSCIOUSNESS.

  • You are wanting a deeper meaning for life, and ready to grow, expand and create a life that truly lights you up, mind, body and soul 

If there are no days or times that suit you, please email me on and I will do my best to open up a spot for you.

So if it feels aligned,  book a 1:1 online session below.

If you would like to continue working with me after your first session, ideally as a guideline, its best to see me fortnightly for 8 -12 weeks.

However some clients like to see me weekly, some monthly, some yearly so its completely up to you.

Your awakening is sacred, so its important to honour your intuition and go with what feels aligned for you


***Online Coaching Containers/packages can be organised at your request.

Individual Sessions

  • (Australia wide only) due to time zone issues

    1 hr

    125 Australian dollars

Podcast Coming soon!

I am so excited to announce I will be launching the 'Angela Carmen Podcast' this month too! A space where we talk all things Spiritual Awakening, Soul Alignment, Embodying a Growth Mindset, Manifesting & Intuitive Conscious Creation, Self awareness and how to heal the shadows,

How to connect to your Souls Purpose and so much more!

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