The greatest journey in life,

is the journey within.

Let me guide you to:

+ Cultivate a deeper connection to your soul, emanating more self-love.

+ Heal your current relationship or find your soulmate by becoming what you want to attract.

+ Connect to that intuitive voice that holds the deepest wisdom of the universe.

+ Upgrade your mindset so you feel empowered ready to create change.

+ Manifest and create the life of your dreams from a good intention.

+ Become aware of your patterns and conditioning so they no longer control you.

+ Forgive others and heal yourself, knowing that love is the ultimate healer.

+ Learn the power of meditation and quietening your mind.

+ Be inflow by living in alignment with your soul.

+ Align your personality to your soul living your life purpose.

+ Continue to develop spiritually and live a more conscious life.

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It all starts within. 

Once we take the time to connect within, we experience a new way of life. 


As we begin to AWAKEN, we see that LOVE is our essence, and our natural HEALER. 


When we ALIGN with the HIGHER SELF, our inner world SHIFTS, and so too does the world around you.


So, if your feeling ready to SPIRITUALLY AWAKEN, and dive deep into who you REALLY are, let me help you to start living a spiritual life! 

My spiritual awakening completely transformed my life. The different lessons and practices that I adopted through this awakening have become my life purpose to share.


My intention is to serve everyone who wants to walk this journey with me as your soulful guide, your life mentor and your holistic coach. I will help you awaken to the wisdom that lies within you, so that you too can create the life that you were born to lead.

As a Certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH™ and with over 20 years of experience in soul searching & personal development, I share all the tools with you that I have embodied myself from my own awakening journey, alongside the soulful skillset from The Academy Of Soul Empowerment. 

My sessions are a combination of Spiritual Life Coaching, Holistic Mentoring, Spiritual teachings, Growth Mindset, Manifesting, Conscious Creation, abundance, realigning mind, body and soul.

My mission is to help you awaken your own inner healer so you can continue to embody this work throughout your souls journey.



"Angela is a wonderful listener, super passionate about what she does and provides a beautiful and safe space."

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"Over the past few months, Angela has helped me to completely change my life and manifest everything I desire into my life."

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"Angela genuinely wants you to live your greatest life, and what greater gift is there than that."

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