One on One 

12 Week Coaching Program

(Launching May)




Valid until April, 2021.



AWAKEN will guide you too

  • Embody self awareness and master your mindset, aligning your mind body and soul to your higher self.

  • Embody daily gratitude and shift your focus to soul empowerment.

  • Emanate unconditional self love and acceptance for who you are already, while diving deep into conscious growth and soul expansion.

  • Awaken your soul's purpose and mission to share with the world, living each day on purpose.

  • Consciously CREATE a  life that truly lights you up inside, living each day on purpose! 

  • Tap into your intuition, connecting to stillness throughout your day, feeling at peace and connected to everything.

  • Take inspired action to ALIGN, CREATE and SERVE from SOUL with DIVINE INTENTION, knowing you are WORTHY of the life you want to create! 

After AWAKEN you will feel

  • Grounded in BEING, CONNECTED and aligned with your HIGHER SELF.

  • SOULFULLY SELF AWARE and empowered, using your mind as a tool to support you moving forward.

  • Deeply CONNECTED to your soul and INTUITION, knowing that you are the answer you seek.

  •  Fulfilled and ALIGNED, living each day on PURPOSE.

  • In love with life, AWAKENING a new SACRED relationship with yourself. 

  • Authentically empowered to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE the life you were born to live!

  • Deeply inspired, consciously awake and aware to make every moment count, feeling deeply GRATEFUL for life again!


Who is AWAKEN for?

Most of the Souls who are drawn to me love all things holistic healing, spiritual awakening , conscious living and self development.

Whether you're on a soul searching journey, or a coach or a healer wanting to deepen your work for your clients, AWAKEN may deliver the depth your are seeking, through your work and within your own life.

1:1 Private Coaching.


The 7 Steps to AWAKENING,Mastering your mindset & CONSCIOUSLY CREATING a life aligned with your SOUL'S PURPOSE.

This program is 1:1 in person from my Soul Space in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.

Welcome beautiful,

So you're spiritually awakening and not quite sure what to do from here? Well you have come to the right place.


I am so excited to share with you my soul aligned program AWAKEN, a sacred program designed to support you on your AWAKENING JOURNEY.

After coaching many clients, I have intuitively and thoughtfully designed a 7 step program to help you master your inner world and CONSCIOUSLY CREATE a life that truly fulfils your mind body and soul.

My program AWAKEN is designed to support you with all things conscious mindset, self awareness, gratitude, empowerment, purpose, conscious creation, meditation, intuition, taking inspired action and awakening higher consciousness to REMEMBER who you are.

I support you as you peel back the layers that are keeping you stuck in fear, and guide you to awaken your own inner light and intuitive voice within.

As your mindset coach & spiritual mentor, I hold a sacred space for you so you can dive into your inner world and AWAKEN the DIVINITY that is within you already.

I teach you the tools to master your mindset, so that you can create a life where you are living each day on purpose, feeling deeply inspired and in love with the whole journey, (because life is meant to be JOYFUL!)


To apply to work together please fill out the application below. I can only choose an intimate amount of clients to work 1:1 with

to ensure you receive the best support throughout the program.

After I receive your application, if I feel the program may be a good fit for you, I will be in touch to see if you would like a free discovery call. The free discovery call is the second part of the application process.

I cant wait to connect with you soon!


My program will align with you if;


+ You are committed to personal growth and soul expansion.

+ You are ready to get to know yourself on a deeper level, awakening your higher self and mastering your mindset.

+ You are ready and excited to embody the exercises in between sessions.

+ You will prioritise your sessions throughout the program.

+ You are spiritually curious and opened minded to a new way of life.

+ You are ready to TRANSFORM your life and live each day on purpose.

​+ You are ready to deepen your work, awaken your intuition, and share your LIGHT with the world.

Private Mentoring Inclusions:

Eight one on one sessions over 12 weeks.

The in person sessions are held at my Soul Space in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.

Each session we cover a different topic.


Also there is an option to ADD a REIKI HEALING IN YOUR SESSION.

The 8 session topics are shown below in order for you.

Introduction session -Session One

In this session you will set your intention for what you are wanting to create moving forward, anchoring in your light, ready to live a life filled with a soulful heart and divine purpose.


Learn the power of self AWARENESS & master a conscious mindset, aligned with LIGHT energy.


Awaken daily gratitude, shifting your focus to abundant energy. rewriting your story from a loving lens to empower you moving forward. 


 Learn how to embody more SELF LOVE  and acceptance, going beyond self love and becoming love.


AWAKEN  your inner and outer PURPOSE to share with the world.


Learn how to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE  in a soulful way that deeply fulfils every cell in your body. Mastering your mindset and learning exercises to create the life you were born to live.


 Tap in to stillness, space and INTUITION  by embodying presence throughout your day. Embodying meditation practises that help your shift into the power of NOW.


Take inspired action and make it happen! Learn the power of daily rituals and  SOULFUL action. Become the change you want to see in the world, by being authentically you.

+ Each Session we go through soulful teachings, alongside a worksheet covering each topic. After your session, you are given exercises to embody in-between sessions. Plus recommendations to learn from, as you dive deep into a new way of life.

As your soul guide I am here to support you on your journey, but the best way to create real change is to continue the teachings you learn after the program in your every day life. The more your give back to you and continue to embody this work, the more you will see results both inwardly and around you. So before you apply please make sure you are committed to prioritising and embodying these teachings throughout the program. If yes I can wait to connect with you soon! 


INTUITIVE MEDITATIVE REIKI/ENERGY HEALING SPACE (You can add a healing to your session.)

Soul Investment


12 weeks

8 X Sessions (1.5 hours)

You have an option to do 1 hour of coaching & 30 minutes Reiki healing in a session


1.5 Hours Coaching only.

You can decide what feels right for your for each session.

In person from Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia

Upfront $1480 AU

Or two payments of $740

This is an application process as limited numbers apply.

To express interest click 'APPLY NOW' to fill in the form below.

After I receive your application, if I feel the program may be a good fit for you, I will be in touch to see if you would like a free discovery session before you decide to work with me.

(Limited numbers apply, only 10 spots left)

If you have any queries before applying please email



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